Dev Diary: January 2018 – Fallen Angels

I’ve always wanted to go more fantasy in this game which is one of the reasons I went with a new name for the project even though it is a spiritual successor to Dungeon Nightmares.

I decided to work on a new creature that would be elemental based and worked out how I wanted it to look.

This was the first design which I had mix feelings over and it didn’t feel threatening enough so I decided to go back to the drawing board.

New Version

A few hours later, i settled for this new improved look.

This was more to my liking and felt more elemental.

Finishing the Elemental Attacks

After I was happy with the new look, I had to finish adding the projectiles and damage output to the player.

The above clip shows the projectiles at work.

This one is a last minute move I added called the Rage Stomp. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this new addition and will direct me the right way for anything new I decide to create.

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