The development of Ergastulum has come a long way over the past year since it started. However, I have come to the conclusion that to finish this game to reach its full potential, more funding is necessary. So with that said, I am very excited to announce the launch of […]

Ergastulum Launches on Kickstarter!

Since I mentioned the post about adding rain effects, I wanted to cover the Lightning effects seen below. I wanted to create a simple effect that did the job as this would only be seen through the windows if the player was staring into the sky at the right time. […]

Dev Diary: September 2017 – Lightning & Rain

Over the past month I have been fully working on building the House in Blender and bringing it over to Unity. There is still much to do but I thought it was in good enough shape to start to show. The House currently is a 2 floor building with a […]

Dev Diary: August 2017 – Home Building