The Mothman & Happy New Year

Creating Moths

I recently created a Moth shader that animated the wings for each for me and that allowed me to do some crazy amount of flying moths on-screen.

In this first video, you will see how the shader graph animates the wings of the insect and that I can change the speed and power of the animation. Once that was done, I could use the power of the particle system in Unity to spawn hundreds of them each with their own animation without me having to do the animation manually.

Here is how the Moths behave and look like in gameplay.

It was successful in letting me have hundreds and thousands of them on-screen at once and this gave me a little idea in a new character that I wanted to design.

The Mothman

Waking the Mothman

So with the shader all created, I wanted to re-imagine the legendary Mothman creature. I thought how cool would it be if the character was made up of all these little moths?

One of the AOE Attacks by the Mothman

I struggled to find some time but during the Christmas break, I managed to find a few days to plan it out.

The In-Game Result

Here is the work in progress Mothman with sound.

Adding the Final Touches

Throwing a Lit Candle at the Mothman

To stop the Mothman, the player can set it alight by using the fire around the levels e.e. a naked flame, a lit candle or by other means.

The Mothman Stepping on a Lit Candle

With the way the mechanics are built, it is also possible to leave a trail of candles on the floor to create traps as shown above.

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