Dev Diary: September 2017 – Lightning & Rain

Since I mentioned the post about adding rain effects, I wanted to cover the Lightning effects seen below. I wanted to create a simple effect that did the job as this would only be seen through the windows if the player was staring into the sky at the right time. […]

Dev Diary: August 2017 – Home Building

Over the past month I have been fully working on building the House in Blender and bringing it over to Unity. There is still much to do but I thought it was in good enough shape to start to show. The House currently is a 2 floor building with a […]

Dev Diary: July 2017 – Deferred Rendering vs Forward

Today I decided to switch over to Deferred Rendering and add Reflection Probes to the scene. It took some tweaking once the Probes were in as the Materials needed some work to get back into shape. Using Forward Rendering + No Reflection Probes Deferred Rendering + Using Reflection Probes I […]