Dev Diary: August 2017 – Home Building

Over the past month I have been fully working on building the House in Blender and bringing it over to Unity. There is still much to do but I thought it was in good enough shape to start to show.

The House currently is a 2 floor building with a basement, has 4 bedrooms and a ton of new interactivity that I previously didn’t have implemented. I also spent some time making new effects such as rain and lightning.

The rain effect was created by scrolling the Main & Secondary Normal maps and the results are quite convincing.

As I mentioned above, the house was built in Blender to create the primary structure of the building.

When the main house layout was completed, I started to add the extra details and texturing in Unity. This shot below includes no lighting pass.

Next, lighting was added with the addition of Reflection Probes to give surfaces a better look. Also added a skybox and enabled real time soft shadows.

Finally, an in-game screenshot taken in real time with all the effects enabled.

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