Dev Diary: April 2017 – The Spider Queen

Why a Spider Queen?

As the game already has small baby spiders seen here:

It made sense to go about creating a Spider Queen. My first attempt was half human and half spider but upon developing it, I quickly scrapped it as it had been done to death in the video game space.

The Spider Queen

After a bit of messing around, I settled with this design which was inspired by the Hermit Crab.

Although the skull may make it feel small, this is no ordinarily sized skull. This will be large and fits in the world of Ergastulum.

Animating the Queen

The walk cycle of the Queen was the first thing I had to get into the game so that I could start to decide how fast she should move and animate.

I was happy with the initial results after several attempts but revisited it and added more move sets to get the final animation.

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