dev diary

Dev Diary: July 2017 – Vampires

After developing the idea for a week or so, the creature is now in the latest build. The character has several move sets but is more mysterious than any other in the game thus far. The Crucifix is a useful tool against these creatures but they also can cause it […]

Dev Diary: May 2017 – A Particle Monster

The Darkness The Darkness is one of the new monsters that lurk the dungeons in Ergastulum. It is the “collector” of lost souls and deadly to the living and deceased. The Concept Since I had already added “Good” ghosts in the game, it made sense to also add an “Evil” […]

Dev Diary: April 2017 – The Spider Queen

Why a Spider Queen? As the game already has small baby spiders seen here: It made sense to go about creating a Spider Queen. My first attempt was half human and half spider but upon developing it, I quickly scrapped it as it had been done to death in the video game space. The Spider Queen […]

Dev Diary: March 2017 – Inverse Kinematics

Giving Life to a Monster by using Inverse Kinematics Over the last week or so I created a new NPC for my game which would be used as a mid-tier type boss character. As with most of the things I create, I like to spend a day or so setting […]