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General Info

Release Date: TBC
Developer: K Monkey
Genre: Survival-Horror
Platform: PC / Mac / Xbox One
Rating: ESRB M


Ergastulum is a first-person fantasy horror adventure game that blends a mix of Asian and Western folklore to create a terrifying vision that will test a players faith to the extremes. The game focuses on psychological horror which relies on the character’s fears and abnormal psyche to frighten players.

The game seeks to challenge and confuse the player’s grasp of the narrative by creating doubt about their own perceptions of reality or questioning their own sanity.

An Ergastulum is a building used to hold in chains dangerous slaves, or to punish other slaves. The Ergastulum is subsurface and large enough to allow the slaves to work within it and containing narrow spaces in which they sleep. Currently in development for PC/Mac & Xbox One.


  • Combat-less gameplay
  • Sanity levels affect your surroundings
  • 100% procedural-generated maps
  • Inspired by both Western and Asian folklore
  • A multitude of creatures that stalk you

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